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 At Paw Zone, our prayers and thoughts are with you and your loved ones during these uncertain times, and like so many, we have a heavy heart as we hear each day about the impacts COVID-19 is having on our communities.

We wanted to take a moment to summarize some of the things we are doing to ensure you and your pet are safe.

We make use of disinfectants on every surface a pet will touch between every groom. All grooming tools used are always cleaned and disinfected. 

Due to COVID-19, included in our usual regimen are new practices to keep your pets safe.

  • Social distancing will be kept at all times

  • No groomers will go into the home of any of our clients

  • Groomers have been informed to wash their hands before and after your pet(s) is picked

  • All cell phones or tablets used for payment processing must be wiped out.


According to the World Health Organization, animals such as cats or dogs cannot transfer the virus to people. We will continue to monitor the situation as closely as possible and keep you updated if we had to temporarily close.

Remember to use face covering when meeting the groomer. Thanks for your understanding.


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